Computer Services


Wayne Sallee

a real geek.

Wayne, the Computer guy.

Wayne, the Computer guy.


I come to you for all your computer needs.

I enjoy helping you, by
fixing the problems with your computer, and
making your computer easier for you to use.

  • Viruses infecting your computer.    I will remove all the viruses from your computer.

  • Slow computer.    I will get your slow computer running faster.

  • Computer Tutor.    I will teach you almost anything you want to know. I am a very patient person, and will explain things in a way that you can understand, and not talk over your head.

  • Need it easier to use.    I enjoy making your computer easier for you to use. I will look at what you are having trouble with, and work with you to set it up in a way that is easiest for you to use.

  • Got junk on your computer.    I'll get rid of that junk for you.

  • Data Recovery.    For hard drives that still function, and where files have been deleted, or hard drive has been re-reformatted, or other non-mechanical problems.

  • Internet problems.    I'll troubleshooted your internet and get to the root of the problem.

  • PC Repair.    I don't stock any parts, but they can be purchased locally or ordered on line.

  • Network problems.    I can help you with all your network needs.

  • Wireless Trouble.    I can help you restore wireless to your computer.

  • Printer trouble.    Whether it's replacing an out of date printer, or getting an older printer working again.

  • Software won't Install.    I'll figure out why it's not installing, and get it installed and set up the way you want it.

  • I am a one man operation. No runarounds. You will always get me.

    What not to do when hiring a computer service technician.

  • Have your floors replace in the same room as the computer, while also having your walls repainted. This way, you can get 3 things done at the same time.

  • Turn the volume on your TV in the computer room, all the way up so that you can easily hear it in the other end of the house.

  • Practice Trumpet playing, while you watch the computer tech fix your computer.

  • Make an announcement to your spouse and to the computer guy that you want a divorce, so that you can discuss the marriage problems between all 3.

  • While the above may seem overly silly, each one has been taken from real events that I have experienced in my work, with the actual events changed a bit to hide those involved.

    $40.00 first hour.
    $20.00 an hour there after.
    Minum charge: 1 hour.

    Serving Central Florida, Lake County, Leesburg, The Villages, Tavares, Fruitland Park, Lady Lake, Wildwood, Eustis, Mt Dora,

    Contact Info


    PO Box 490182 Leesburg Fl 34749

    More about me:

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